Quote of the Day
09/19/14 8:07 am
"I get out and fire up the funk to where the riot squad is lined up in the front of the stage. Doesn't matter that the audience is German; those motherfuckers know every word to my every song." James on Rockpalast in Germany, 1982. Read more in Rick's autobiography "Glow"   MORE >>
Buffalo's Influence
09/17/14 8:02 am
"Ultimately, the sounds James experienced in Buffalo became his own sound - a heady mixture of R&B, funk, rock, soul and jazz sensibilities. It is, more than any other sound in popular music, the sound of our city - dreamed of here, concocted here, largely performed by musicians from here." Buffalo News, 2014  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/15/14 7:49 am
Rick had this to say when asked about how his music background influenced his recording process: "A lot of black musicians limit themselves to just R&B or Jazz and they don't get off into the classics, for example - or folk music. There aren't too many Funk performers who would even know who Robert Johnson is, for example!" - Blues & Soul, 1979.
Charlie Murphy
09/12/14 8:17 am
Charlie Murphy addresses 10 years of people shouting Rick James' imitations at him:
Quote of the Day
09/05/14 7:39 am
"Swinging braids, fringes, leather, mucho macho posturing, a bass guitar, women and a spliff. Wild style and wilder eyes, an uptown Geronimo." - Lloyd Bradley describing Rick James in NME, 1978
09/03/14 8:23 am
Which story in GLOW did you find most surprising?

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It's the last big beach weekend of the year. GLOW better be in your beach bag!

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