Rick James in the Early Days
12/19/14 7:41 am
"I had fallen through the cracks of the two worlds of pop music - black and white - knowing that I could do both those styles with originality and skill." Read more about how he became The King Of Punk Funk:
12/17/14 7:46 am
You may be on the naughty list, doesn't mean you can't get what you want for Christmas.
12/15/14 7:13 am
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the funkiest person in your life? How about putting GLOW under the tree?  MORE >>
Keith Murphy
12/12/14 7:36 am
"You will get turned up from his party-starting soundtracks." - Keith Murphy on Rick James   MORE >>
Photo of the Day
12/10/14 7:13 am
Does it get any cooler than Rick James and Billy Dee Williams?  MORE >>
Mr. Policeman
12/03/14 7:31 am
"It's a shame - it's a disgrace - that every time you show your face, somebody dies, man." - Rick James, "Mr. Policeman."  MORE >>
The Midnight Special
12/01/14 8:35 am
Check out Rick James on The Midnight Special, December 1st 1978. "My how times have changed." - Wolfman Jack  MORE >>
Street Art Finds
11/28/14 8:14 am
Found in Fullerton, CA. Art by C.Lone  MORE >>

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