10/05/15 5:48 pm
"Everyone has a light but yours is bright, James. Yours is special... When people see your glow, they want to follow it. Your glow can illuminate others." - Malcom Erni's wise words to young Rick  MORE >>
Eddie Murphy on Rick James
10/02/15 7:24 am
"For a few years, it was just all the image of 'I'm Rick James, bitch" from Chappelle's Show. But that show isn't on anymore and they're still playing his music. That might have played a part in his persona and iconography, but his music has lived on." - Eddie Murphy  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/30/15 2:20 pm
"Those who know him best will tell you that the craziness is balanced out by the fact that Rick James is a sensitive soul, a nice guy who doesn't forget a friend." - Right On! Magazine 1982  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/28/15 7:45 am
"That hour and a half on stage makes up for all the politics and that whole bureaucratic trip that goes on in the record business... that hour and a half is freedom." - Rick James  MORE >>
09/25/15 7:16 am
Check out this lineup...  MORE >>
A Rare Interview from 1988
09/23/15 7:27 am
"I don't think I promote sexual promiscuity. I promote sexuality... I think there's a difference." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/21/15 7:43 am
"I earn a lot more money now for doing just the same thing I've always done." - Rick James addressing critics who claim he sold out.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/16/15 7:02 am
"Rick James is the baddest-looking dude in rock & roll, and don't try to tell him otherwise." - Rolling Stone, 1982  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/14/15 7:51 am
"I am the music I make." - Rick James  MORE >>

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