Photo of the Day
03/23/12 12:04 pm
A gaze that could melt the camera...  MORE >>
Bustin' Out!
03/21/12 12:32 pm
Enjoy this Rick James "Bustin Out'" promo from 1979!!
"You Can't Touch This"
03/19/12 3:46 pm
Rick James on "You Can't Touch This" (audio attached)...  MORE >>
On This Day
03/16/12 9:12 am
On this day in 1979, Rick James appeared on Midnight Special:
Everybody wants to be Rick James.
03/14/12 11:42 am
Everybody wants to be Rick James...   MORE >>
St. Patrick's Day Sale!
03/13/12 10:24 am
The Rick James webstore @BravadoUSA is having a 20% Sale celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Check it out
03/09/12 2:29 pm
VEVO's made it so much easier to watch Rick's videos. Yes! #NewVEVO
Mynah Birds Pre-Order!
03/07/12 2:01 pm
Pre-Order your limited-edition vinyl of The Mynah Birds "It's My Time" & "Go On And Cry" 7" single today!
Kanye West on Rick James
03/05/12 3:31 pm
Kanye West on Rick James: "I think personality and songs are what sells albums. You have to take a good personality and put it with a good song. I know those are two things Rick James had a whole lot of."

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