Quote of the Day, Bitch!
09/02/11 12:50 pm
"That hour and a half on stage makes up for all the politics and that whole bureaucratic trip that goes on in the record business... that hour and a half is freedom. That hour and a half I can just go nuts and go crazy and have a good time." – Rick James, on performing live.
Flashback Feature
09/01/11 10:29 am
In this article from 1980, Rick James talks about wanting to cross racial barriers with his music, and the differences between him and George Clinton. Enjoy!
Did You Know...?
08/30/11 7:31 am
Did you know that J-Lo's hit single "I'm Real" features a sample of "Mary Jane"?
Rick James' Funkology
08/29/11 8:26 am
Funkology Term: Love Gun Definition: Think about it! Bang, bang.
Funk Flashback
08/26/11 4:45 am
Rick James and the Stone City Band appeared on the hit music show "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" on August 26, 1980.
RJ Trivia Answer
08/24/11 5:27 am
"Loosey's Rap" was banned by both MTV and BET for "sexual content."
RJ Trivia Question
08/23/11 6:24 am
Which Rick James video was banned by MTV and BET for “sexual content”?
Funk Flashback
08/22/11 4:05 am
Check out Rick's "Superstar" feature from the 1982 NY Daily News Sunday comics!  MORE >>

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