"I'm Rick James, bitch!"
02/11/18 6:59 am
14 years ago, The Dave Chappelle Show aired "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - Rick James." What was your favorite part of that episode?
02/09/18 7:03 am
"Rick James, I get glitter on my eyelids." - BROCKHAMPTON   MORE >>
Mr. Policeman
02/07/18 6:52 am
"In the old days, our main thing was to take black music to the highest height we could, and to give people strong lyrical content and give people strong beats and rhythm." - RJ  MORE >>
Get It
02/05/18 6:53 am
Who knew being sexy could be this easy? Get this shirt exclusively in the Rick James store:  MORE >>
Black History Month
02/02/18 7:35 am
"I write about everything. I write about blackness. I write about where we come from." - RJ. Celebrate Black History Month by streaming Rick’s “Black History Month” playlist all month long:
Happy Birthday!
02/01/18 7:10 am
Happy Birthday Rick James!  MORE >>
Get Hyped!
01/31/18 4:22 pm
Get hyped for Rick's birthday tomorrow by blasting ALL of his essential tracks on Apple Music. Time to TURN UP THE FUNK!
I'm Rick James
01/30/18 12:07 pm
Find out who Rick James REALLY was with “The Definitive” DVD:  MORE >>
Etta James
01/25/18 1:24 pm
"I saw that the power of Etta's voice made everyone happy." - RJHappy Birthday to one of the best to ever do it, Etta James.  MORE >>
Cold Blooded
01/24/18 2:25 pm
Being cold-blooded never sounded so good:  MORE >>

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