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12/05/17 11:26 am
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Video of the Day
12/01/17 2:15 pm
Name a more iconic p-funk artist... We'll wait   MORE >>
Barry Gordy
11/28/17 4:56 pm
"[Berry Gordy] was a heavyweight and even a genius… He’d discovered more talent than any executive of his generation."- RJ.Happy Birthday to the founder of Motown, Berry Gordy.  MORE >>
Jimi Hendrix
11/27/17 12:10 pm
"I was honored to have my name associated with Jimi." - RJ.Happy Birthday to the one and only, Jimi Hendrix.  MORE >>
Black Friday
11/24/17 12:25 pm
Visit the Rick James official site for your one stop shop for all things Rick this Black Friday:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/20/17 1:46 pm
"I'm really not tailored for responsibility." - RJ  MORE >>
Rick's Picks
11/15/17 5:35 pm
Rick never held his tongue, so neither should you. Give this playlist a good taste:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/13/17 12:55 pm
"When we play in front of a crowd, I want them to be blown away. I want to leave the stage knowing they were blown away and they had a good a time... it's all about getting out there and killing 'em!" - RJ  MORE >>
Get Lit Playlist
11/10/17 11:20 am
Let this be the official anthem for whenever you get lit:  MORE >>

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