Joni Mitchell
11/07/17 6:29 am
"[Joni Mitchell] and I had a great relationship. It wasn't sexual but musical as a mother@%ker." - RJ  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/06/17 1:55 pm
"Rick James was a pussy-eating pioneer.” - Pigeons and Planes  MORE >>
Black Friday
11/03/17 1:52 pm
Stay on top of this month's Black Friday sale by signing up for the official newsletter. You never know what Team Rick James is gonna drop/
#Repost Usher
11/01/17 1:41 pm
It's Rick James B*tch! #Legend #RickJames  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
10/30/17 11:39 am
"We're bustin' out on some serious funk, y'all!" – RJ  MORE >>
10/27/17 1:38 pm
What Rick James song are you getting down to this weekend?  MORE >>
Who wore it better?
10/25/17 11:36 am
"Imma cut my dreads short in the front like Rick James." - Swae Lee  MORE >>
Get on the Funk Train
10/23/17 5:34 pm
Get on the funk train and start your week with Rick's best hits:  MORE >>
Happy Birthday to Rick's friend and rap legend, Snoop Dogg!
10/20/17 7:38 am
Groove with Snoop while he performs Rick's "You and I" at Gibson Amphitheater:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/18/17 5:07 pm
"We're gonna dance on the funk and make love on this song." - RJ  MORE >>

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