Get It
02/05/18 6:53 am
Who knew being sexy could be this easy? Get this shirt exclusively in the Rick James store:  MORE >>
Black History Month
02/02/18 7:35 am
"I write about everything. I write about blackness. I write about where we come from." - RJ. Celebrate Black History Month by streaming Rick’s “Black History Month” playlist all month long:
Happy Birthday!
02/01/18 7:10 am
Happy Birthday Rick James!  MORE >>
Get Hyped!
01/31/18 4:22 pm
Get hyped for Rick's birthday tomorrow by blasting ALL of his essential tracks on Apple Music. Time to TURN UP THE FUNK!
I'm Rick James
01/30/18 12:07 pm
Find out who Rick James REALLY was with “The Definitive” DVD:  MORE >>
Etta James
01/25/18 1:24 pm
"I saw that the power of Etta's voice made everyone happy." - RJHappy Birthday to one of the best to ever do it, Etta James.  MORE >>
Cold Blooded
01/24/18 2:25 pm
Being cold-blooded never sounded so good:  MORE >>
01/23/18 11:33 am
Get this shirt exclusively in the Rick James store:  MORE >>
Happy Birthday
01/19/18 12:52 pm
Happy Birthday to David Ruffin of The Temptations. Celebrate today by watching The Temptations perform "Standing on the Top" with Rick James! Tag a friend if you dig it, and share it if you want the world to know who’s still on top.  MORE >>
Video of the Day
01/17/18 11:20 am
Rick James' influence on hip-hop didn't stop with MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," Kanye West also sampled Rick in his song, "Runaway." Guess which Rick James song was sampled in the comments.  MORE >>

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