Quote of the Day
09/04/17 8:44 pm
"[Rick James] wasn't trying to paint any pretty pictures. He was just doing what he felt, what he wrote, what he wanted to write about." - Smokey Robinson  MORE >>
Prove you are Super Freak.
09/01/17 3:58 pm
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In the Ghetto
08/30/17 2:02 pm
Rolling Stone ranked Busta Rhymes' "In The Ghetto," featuring Rick James, as one of the top 25 songs produced by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine.   MORE >>
Question of the Day
08/28/17 8:33 pm
Which album by Rick James do you put on when you're in a funk?  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/25/17 9:14 pm
"I didn't get in this business to be number two. Number one is what's happening. Always!" - Rick  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/23/17 3:04 pm
"My funk will transform the material into the eternal, the conventional into the cosmic. The planets will resonate with these rhythms coming outta me. The universe will bounce to the beats of my Stone City Band." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/21/17 4:01 pm
"Outside the music, the world was boring. But inside the music, the world was magic." - RJ  MORE >>
Rick's Picks
08/18/17 2:30 pm
"I felt like I could lead the world in new musical directions." - Rick James.  MORE >>
Get a glimpse of reality
08/16/17 11:47 am
Listen to Rick's "Best Of" playlist and let us know what your favorite Rick James song is in the comments below:  MORE >>

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