Quote of the Day
03/20/17 6:33 am
"[Rick James'] music is a streamlined mixture of funk, rock, soul and reggae, with Sly Stone and Stevie Wonder the two strongest influences on his singing and writing." - New York Times, 1981.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
03/17/17 6:55 am
''I had always been a free spirit and [had] always gotten what I wanted.'' - Rick James to New York Times, 2004.   MORE >>
03/15/17 6:56 am
Happy birthday to the legendary Sly Stone!  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
03/10/17 6:28 am
"James took a fearless approach to dressing, combining his hardcore, bawdy lyrics with equally audacious ensembles" - Vogue, 2016.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
03/08/17 6:33 am
"He clearly was the Super Freak he was singing about; no one, for one minute, believed it was an act." - NPR, 2015.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
03/06/17 6:40 am
"As someone who beat the odds, and as a musician who gave up the truth. My music ain't no contrived bullshit. It ain't no sci-fi shit. It's the real fuckin' deal." - Rick James to Rolling Stone, 2002.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
03/03/17 6:33 am
"To James, life was a never-ending party." - VIBE, 2014.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
03/01/17 1:46 pm
"The feeling of the crowd singing, the people dancing in the aisles cast a magic spell on me. I made a pact with myself from that day on: Music was my life." - Rick James, 2004  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/27/17 7:48 am
"I felt that the music was good and honest and that if people couldn't accept it, then I must be doing something wrong." - Rick James  MORE >>

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