Rick Fact
11/30/16 9:43 am
Rick James did his live shows like they were giant parties. He used to throw joints into the crowd at his shows.  MORE >>
Happy Birthday...
11/28/16 9:24 am
Happy birthday Berry Gordy!  MORE >>
11/25/16 8:27 am
You may think you're cool, but you'll never be "Rick James hanging out on the sideline at Bills game with heavyweight champ Leon Spinks" cool.  MORE >>
Chappelle Show
11/23/16 10:05 am
Eddie Murphy on the Chappelle Show: "That show isn't on anymore and they're still playing [Rick's] music. That might have played a part in his persona and iconography, but his music has lived on."  MORE >>
Loosey's Rap
11/21/16 8:28 am
"Now the way I act and the words I speak. Make people think that I'm a Super Freak" - Loosey's Rap  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/18/16 7:39 am
"The imagination he brought to his music video concepts… were always infused with his personality. So his stuff had a way of just being totally infectious." - Susan DePasse  MORE >>
Street Songs
11/16/16 7:03 am
"To hear 'Street Songs' centered around this concept of ghetto life, it represented a different kind of energy. It was deep." - Dr Todd Boyd, The Notorious Ph.D  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/14/16 7:58 am
For all those L7 squares who say Rick James sold out: "I earn a lot more money now for doing just the same thing I've always done." - Rick James  MORE >>
Caption This
11/11/16 10:01 am
Rick James and Laura Branigan at the Frankie Crocker Awards. #FlashbackFriday  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/09/16 9:30 am
"I do jazz things, I do Latin things, I do classical things, I do rock things. I do folk things, I do blues things and funk things." - Rick James  MORE >>

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