Quote of the Day
02/27/17 7:48 am
"I felt that the music was good and honest and that if people couldn't accept it, then I must be doing something wrong." - Rick James  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
02/24/17 6:48 am
Rollin' into the weekend like...  MORE >>
Give It To Me Baby
02/20/17 7:21 am
“Give me that stuff. That funk. That sweet, that funky stuff.”   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/17/17 6:40 am
“I mean, Rick James was just a man-made image, the image I created. Just trying to live Rick James almost killed me.” - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/15/17 6:44 am
"Now is my time. Everything I've done up to this point is just a warm up. This is where it all begins." - Rick James   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/13/17 7:00 am
"My teacher said I would either be a hoodlum, or a great entertainer." - Rick James   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/10/17 7:36 am
"I still found myself devouring women as obsessively as I devoured blow, bouncing from one crazed celebrity party to another, living off adulation, pride, chemical-fueled ego." - Rick James.  MORE >>
Eddie Murphy on Rick
02/08/17 7:05 am
"One of my best early memories is that time with Rick James. The whole way I record, I learned from Rick James. I learned how to produce music from hanging around Rick James." - Eddie Murphy to Billboard, 2013   MORE >>

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