Tune In
11/19/18 2:03 pm
Tune in this week for SUPER FREAK POWERED BY RICK JAMES on Dash Radio - hosted by Rick’s daughter, Ty James! She’ll be spinning some fresh funk and soul for you all week long. 🕺🏾💃🏾 Get down:  MORE >>
11/16/18 12:00 pm
STREET SONGS' funky tracks gave a voice to Americans who felt silenced and still speaks to so many people today, withstanding the test of time. Relive the magic:  MORE >>
Big up to Rick for FUNK-ING UP America!
11/14/18 5:49 pm
"Rick achieved what at the time P-Funk could not, and that was to cross over to the white audience and get major airplay and video play. So it can be said that Rick took funk into the unfunky homes of white America." - William "Bootsy" Collins   MORE >>
Happy Birthday
11/12/18 10:21 am
Happy Birthday to Rick’s friend and former Mynah Birds bandmate, Neil Young! Rock on Neil.  MORE >>
Strut your stuff in the fliest gear
11/09/18 12:57 pm
Rick James tees are back in stock and ready for the streets:  MORE >>
Happy Birthday
11/07/18 1:23 pm
Happy Birthday to Rick's dear friend and songwriting goddess, Joni Mitchell!  MORE >>
Hot damn!
11/05/18 10:44 am
On this day in '85 Rick James appeared on the A-Team episode, ‘The Heart of Rock ‘N’ Roll.’   MORE >>
Get VIP status.
11/03/18 1:17 pm
Sign up for the official Rick James newsletter and get a front-row seat for all things fresh & new from the King of Punk Funk. Don’t be an L-7. Sign up:  MORE >>
Happy Halloween!
10/31/18 12:14 pm
Rock the spirit of punk funk today and dress up as Rick James. Post your funktastic outfit on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #RickJames + tag @RickJames. One lucky cat will win a FREE copy of GLOW and 20% off in the official RJ online store. No tricks, only treats for superfreaks!  MORE >>
The King
10/30/18 11:02 am
Why is Rick James The King of Punk Funk? Let us tell you...  MORE >>

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