Happy Halloween
10/28/16 9:29 am
Have a Super Freaky Halloween Weekend!  MORE >>
10/26/16 7:19 am
Black leather, blue leather, red leather, white leather… Rick James had one helluva closet.  MORE >>
This Week in History
10/24/16 8:25 am
Rick James ended his “Street Songs” Tour at the Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles this week in 1981. Tickets were only $12.50.  MORE >>
Big Time
10/21/16 7:56 am
"He was born to funk! He was born to funk 'n' roll in the Big Time!" - Rick James on "Big Time"  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/19/16 7:32 am
"James' records are as creative and musically substantial as anything you might care to compare them to." - Musician Magazine, 1983  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/17/16 8:55 am
"[Street Songs] ended up being my favorite record at the time. I bugged my older brothers and sisters to buy it for me." - Ice Cube  MORE >>
Turn It Out!
10/14/16 8:26 am
Urban Rapsody hit shelves today in 1997!  MORE >>
Fire It Up
10/12/16 9:28 am
"Adorned in white leather and a cowboy hat, with what I thought was a regular tobacco cigarette in his mouth, later realizing it was a joint - Rick James was THE MAN!" - Museum of Uncut Funk. What's your favorite Rick James album cover?  MORE >>
10/10/16 11:12 am
Rick James wrote half of the ‘Mary Jane Girls’ album in one day, including "Jealousy" and "You Are My Heaven" in about five minutes each.   MORE >>
Photo of the Day
10/07/16 2:14 pm
How can one man exude so much FUNK?  MORE >>

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