Quote of the Day
09/30/16 7:03 am
"We fell into a beautiful collaboration. The songs just flowed." - Rick on his collaboration with Teena Marie.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/28/16 7:30 am
"Rick James is all come-on, all egocentric hedonism, and he makes humpy, very alive party-rock." - Creem, September 1982  MORE >>
"Come Get It!"
09/26/16 8:44 am
"I worked like a demon in that studio for eight weeks. When I left, I had what I wanted - eight killer tracks that expressed exactly who I was: A singer/funkster/writer/composer/arranger who could dirty up the disco vibe without succumbing to its silliness." - Rick on "Come Get It!"  MORE >>
09/23/16 7:29 am
Rick with Isaac Hayes on the set of "The A-Team."  MORE >>
Street Songs
09/21/16 7:35 am
"1981's 'Street Songs' ranked amongst the year's biggest sellers moving over 4 million copies, a rare feat for a black act who rarely courted white pop radio." - Vibe, 2014. Give it a spin:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/19/16 8:22 am
"Categorizing Rick James isn't as easy as one might think." - MOJO, September 2002  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/16/16 7:54 am
"The Motown producers were not only the best in the business, but they worked nonstop and were fiercely competitive. I liked that vibe. Only the strong survived." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/14/16 9:14 am
"A striking figure both on and off stage, Rick is built like a fighter and his beaded corn-row hairstyle (of the African tribe, Masai) makes him distinctive from all others." - Blues & Soul, September 1978  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/12/16 8:41 am
"James' funky guitar and soft, but boisterous voice, made him an out of the box smash in the R&B and funk world, and in the process, pulled Motown Records from a creative and commercial nose-dive." -  MORE >>
09/09/16 11:01 am
Rick with Won-G, William "Bootsy" Collins, and JAY Z.   MORE >>

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