Today in History
04/18/16 8:31 am
The Flag came out today in 1986. Wave your freak flag and finished those taxes!  MORE >>
Video of the Day
04/15/16 7:41 am
We bet you didn't know Rick James could act. Check out his cameo alongside Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in Life, which came out this week in 1999.  MORE >>
04/13/16 8:07 am
We made our own improved Coachella lineup. Which day is your favorite?  MORE >>
Fashion Icons
04/11/16 9:40 am
These two wrote the book on self-expression - Grace Jones & Rick James, #OldSchoolCool  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/08/16 11:13 am
Super Freak was just "a silly song that had a bit of new wave texture to it." - Rick James, Musician Magazine, 1983  MORE >>
Today in History
04/07/16 9:30 am
Street Songs hit the shelves 35 years ago today!  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/06/16 2:03 pm
"'Street Songs' is the story of a young brother growing up in the ghetto trying to get over the best way he can." - Rick James Shares His Street Smarts By Graig Seymour, October 19 2001  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
04/06/16 9:38 am
Nice try, Kim Kardashian West and Khloe Kardashian, but nobody can top Rick's braids.  MORE >>
Rick James Live
04/04/16 2:23 pm
When you went to one of Rick's shows, you sure as hell got your money's worth: "Lights flashed, music crashed, bombs exploded, and giant joints rolled on stage."  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
04/01/16 3:23 pm
Rick's fashion advice. #UnWave  MORE >>

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