Street Songs
08/15/16 7:43 am
"James became an instant icon in 1981 with his album ‘'Street Songs,' a funk masterpiece that featured such hits as 'Super Freak,' 'Give it To Me Baby,' and 'Fire and Desire.'" - CNN  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
08/12/16 1:31 pm
Talking 'bout ghetto life  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/10/16 9:20 am
"Rick James, Roger Troutman, Parliament, Prince, of course... those guys right there really changed the sound of the ’80s. The ripples of their sound is still being felt today." - Fred Wreck  MORE >>
Video of the Day
08/08/16 8:45 am
Watch Rick James and Smokey Robinson crash a plane and put on some suits in the "Ebony Eyes" video!  MORE >>
Today in History
08/05/16 8:53 am
"Cold Blooded" hit shelves today in 1983. Sexy, sexy!  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/03/16 3:25 pm
"We just decided to label the music so that when it goes down in the history books, they'll say Punk Funk was Rick James." -!/article/Rick_James_Stone_City_Burns
Cold Blooded
08/01/16 8:16 am
"'Cold Blooded' has a big, hard sound that dispenses with all the excess baggage of post-Clinton funk... and goes straight for the backbone, to clear, hard essentials." - Barney Hoskyns  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
07/29/16 10:00 am
"In the late '70s, when the fortunes of Motown Records seemed to be flagging, Rick James came along and rescued the company, providing funky hits that updated the label's style and saw it through into the mid-'80s." - MTV  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
07/27/16 8:44 am
"I wanted John Coltrane's sacred spirit and Jackie Wilson’s sexual energy… I wanted to be honored like Trane as a great artist and be worshipped like Jackie as a great lover. I wanted it all." - Rick James  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
07/25/16 8:19 am
Rick on the cover of ‘Jet Magazine’ in July 1979.   MORE >>

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