Today in History
05/13/16 8:29 am
On this day in 1982, ‘Throwin' Down’ was released on cassette tape. Remember those?  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/11/16 12:51 pm
"Outrageous, unmanageable, both benefactor and victim of his own inexhaustible energy." -Dave Ritz  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
05/09/16 3:19 pm
Whatever you do, don't take a very kinky girl home to mama this Sunday for Mother's Day.  MORE >>
Gear Up
05/06/16 11:09 am
For that Super Freak in your life  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/04/16 5:09 pm
"I put a very operatic vocal structure on [my music] 'cause I'm really into opera and classical music." - Rick James  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
05/02/16 9:28 am
When you and your friend see a Super Freak walking into the club.  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
04/29/16 7:47 am
Rick James in the studio working with Eddie Murphy on his album.  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
04/27/16 8:21 am
Happy Birthday, Iggy Pop!  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
04/25/16 8:57 am
The original Slick Rick.  MORE >>
Photo of
04/22/16 9:02 am
We all have that one friend...  MORE >>

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