Happy Birthday Bootsy!
10/26/18 9:12 am
Happy Birthday to funkateer, William "Bootsy" Collins!   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/24/18 5:41 pm
"The idea that I could launch a singer like Teena at the same time my own career was taking off was further proof: I could build an empire." - Rick James  MORE >>
10/22/18 3:35 pm
Rick James didn't mess around when it came to making music. What;s your #MondayMotivation? Listen to FIRE IT UP now:  MORE >>
Happy Birthday to rapper and fellow Mary Jane-lover, Snoop Dogg.
10/20/18 7:51 am
"I love Snoop Dogg, who wrote a super-hip rap that smoothed out the track with a cool contemporary feel." - Rick James on his song "Player’s Way"  MORE >>
You and I
10/17/18 11:05 am
Bump two Rick James classics packed with a new spin. The YOU AND I 12" vinyl includes an extended mix of "You and I" + a duet of Rick and Teena Marie performing "Fire and Desire" live from Long Beach, CA in 1981. Complete your collection today:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/15/18 9:47 am
“I realized that music always grows and I wanted to grow along with it. I wanted URBAN RAPSODY to go forward even as it referred to the past.” - Rick James   MORE >>
Happy Birthday to The Temptations vocalist and Rick's uncle, Melvin Franklin.
10/12/18 1:07 pm
"The idea that The Temptations needed me to boost their appeal was music to my ears. What a thrill!" - Rick James on producing for The Temptations  MORE >>
Video of the Day
10/10/18 2:42 pm
"They have new wave and it was punk-funk and then we just decided to call it 'fun-wave.' We just have fun, dressing the way you like, being real free and kinda crazy." - Rick James talking about his style on Soul Train  MORE >>
10/08/18 3:24 pm
Listen to the biggest and baddest Rick James hits with the RICK JAMES ANTHOLOGY CD. Turn up your speakers and jam to classics like "Love Gun" and "Super Freak." Order here:  MORE >>
Tune In
10/05/18 11:38 am
Tune in today for "Super Freak Powered by Rick James" on Dash Radio. Hosted by Rick's daughter, Ty James, she’ll be spinning some fresh funk and soul for you throughout the weekend. Get down:  MORE >>

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