Bustin' Out (On Funk)
01/22/16 8:36 am
Well, alright you squares it's time we smoked, Get on up this funk and let's have a toke  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
01/20/16 8:33 am
"He is one of the most wonderful most soulful people you would ever want to meet." - Berry Gordy Jr.  MORE >>
Take it from Rick's mother, she knew him best,
01/18/16 8:20 am
"I mean 'Ghetto Life' is his life... he did hang out around the corner with the boys. That's his life."  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
01/15/16 8:51 am
"In the old days, our main thing was to take black music to the highest height we could, and to give people strong lyrical content and give people strong beats and rhythm." - Rick James  MORE >>
U Can't Touch This
01/13/16 8:14 am
MC Hammer released the Rick James sampled hit "U Can't Touch This" as a single today in 1990. "I didn't like it until my lawyers told me how much money I was making. Then I was no longer mad!" - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
01/11/16 8:21 am
"At age thirteen, [Rick James] started making a habit of stealing Chevies. 'Guy's got to have some fun,' he would say. 'I need a car. I have women on the other side of town. I have to see them.'" - Rolling Stone  MORE >>
David Bowie
01/08/16 7:49 am
Happy birthday David Bowie!  MORE >>
01/06/16 7:09 am
NME: "Did Prince's sound have anything to do with [the Cold Blooded sound]?" Rick James: "I don't wanna even talk about Prince." - Barney Hoskyns, NME, 14 April 1  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
01/04/16 12:06 pm
"Those agents that book me on these tours, they're making a pile of money off me. But when I had an album that didn't sell I can't find the mothers! Where were they then?" - Rick on the music biz, Lloyd Bradley, NME, April 1982  MORE >>

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