Quote of the Day
11/09/15 7:19 am
"To me, a freak was an uninhibited woman. It wasn't meant as a bad connotation. It's complimentary. It just means being sexually open and not constricted." - Rick James Shares His Street Smarts By Graig Seymour, October 19 2001  MORE >>
Saturday Night Live
11/06/15 8:28 am
Rick and the Stone City Band were the featured musical guests on Saturday Night Live this weekend in 1981.   MORE >>
The A-Team
11/04/15 9:09 am
Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of Rick's episode of The A-Team, The Heart of Rock 'N' Roll.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/02/15 9:24 am
"I'm down with the ghetto; pimps and hos'; dope dealers; getting high; having a good time and dancing; crying; making love; not wanting to make love; being too high to make love; the police, and player haters who called me a (expletive) because I'm rich and I look good and I got a lot of women and cars." - Rick James Shares His Street Smarts By Graig Seymour, October 19 2001  MORE >>
Below the Funk
10/28/15 8:27 am
"Below the Funk" is really one of my favorites. It's an afro-rhythm thing, but it's really just me telling people in my hometown, "F*ck you. Kiss my ass." - Rick James to Bill Crandal, Rolling Stone 2002  MORE >>
10/26/15 8:41 am
Need some last minute inspiration for your Rick James costume? We've got you covered.
Quote of the Day
10/23/15 8:40 am
"My career has always been based on me being as honest as I can." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/21/15 9:01 am
"In 1980, you had to be a damn fool to think that you were going to get a good union job. There was no hope for making any kind of a living. So you could see the hustling culture developing at the time. And Rick catches that beautifully." - Craig Werner, author of "A Change Is Gonna Come: Music, Race and the Soul of America"  MORE >>
This Week in History
10/19/15 9:36 am
This week in 1981, Street Songs was finally knocked out of 1st place on the Billboards Top R&B Albums. After 20 weeks at #1, it was time to give someone else a shot.  MORE >>

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