Finish This Statement...
06/22/15 8:40 am
"I put on Rick James’ music when I need to____"  MORE >>
Charlie Murphy
06/19/15 2:41 pm
"I was a huge Rick James fan. When I was in the Navy I had all of his joints. I used to be in the mirror singing his records." - Charlie Murphy  MORE >>
Turn the TV Off
06/17/15 7:56 am
Rick James doesn’t care if you think his videos are too provocative. "You too straight for it? Then don't watch it. Turn the TV off."  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
06/15/15 7:42 am
"I don't think I promote sexual promiscuity. I promote sexuality... I think there's a difference." - Rick James  MORE >>
This Week In History
06/12/15 7:44 am
"Wonderful" was released this week in 1988. Feast your eyes on Loosey's Rap – the video MTV didn’t want you to see.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
06/10/15 7:59 am
"Those who know him best will tell you that the craziness is balanced out by the fact that Rick James is a sensitive soul, a nice guy who doesn't forget a friend." - Right On! Magazine, 1982
We see you, Super Freaks!
06/08/15 2:40 pm
The reissue of Rick James' classic Street Songs on vinyl is creating the opportunity to make your profile just a little bit funkier. Step into the street and upload your photo to the inside sleeve of Street Songs and share with your #SQUAD. Visit:
Selling Out
06/08/15 8:47 am
"I earn a lot more money now for doing just the same thing I've always done." - Rick James addressing critics who claim he sold out.
06/05/15 8:19 am
The summer of 1981 is the summer Rick James "came to town." – Righton! Any of you cats shake your butts at the sold-out Street Songs tour shows?  MORE >>

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