Fan Art Friday
06/22/18 7:19 am
Lovin’ this slick illustration of Rick by @ObscuristWorks on Instagram!  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
06/20/18 7:15 am
"I try to make the audience forget all their problems - for an hour and a half, or so, get them out of themselves, and space, and time, and consciousness." - Rick James  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
06/18/18 7:20 am
Two punks & ALL of the funk: Paul Young, Iggy Pop, Rick, & David Bowie - backstage at The Ritz in New York City after one of Iggy's 1986 concerts.   MORE >>
Ice Cube
06/15/18 1:25 pm
Happy Birthday to NWA rapper, actor & producer, Ice Cube. "Bitch, I got Rick James in my veins." - IC  MORE >>
Rick James Ink
06/13/18 7:02 am
We want to see your Rick James ink, SUPER FREAKS! Loving this new one from Instagram user, @Frencho_Ranchez. If you’ve got a Rick tat to share, post it with the hashtag #RickJamesTattoo on Instagram or Twitter, and tag @RickJames, to be featured.  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
06/11/18 6:57 am
Struttin’ into the new week like...  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
06/08/18 7:14 am
"After I saw KISS on stage, I wanted my show to look like the Fourth of July. The persona of Rick James was wild & crazy: sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll." - Rick James  MORE >>
Funk it Up
06/06/18 7:29 am
Is the funk in you? If it’s not, you’d better find it! A great place to look would be Dash Radio’s "Super Freak - Powered By Rick James," hosted by Rick’s daughter, Ty James. Ty will be bringing you all of the best grooves, this weekend. Find your funk:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
06/04/18 12:28 pm
"You can't have rock 'n' roll without drugs; you can't have rock 'n’' roll without sex.” - Rick James  MORE >>
David Ruffin
06/01/18 1:32 pm
Today we remember David Ruffin of The Temptations (Jan 18, 1941 - June 1, 1991). David & The Temptations performed the song "Standing on the Top" - which was written, produced, & featured vocals by Rick James - on their 1982 album, 'Reunion.' Rick would also include "Standing on the Top" on his own album, that same year, "Throwin' Down." Stream "Standing on the Top" on Spotify:  MORE >>

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