Photo of the Day
03/23/18 7:08 am
Rick sharing great times with David Bowie and Nile Rodgers in 1983. What would it have sounded like if they all collaborated on a song together? #FBF  MORE >>
Stone City Band
03/21/18 6:54 am
"My funk will transform the material into the eternal, the conventional into the cosmic. The planets will resonate with these rhythms coming outta me. The universe will bounce to the beats of my Stone City Band." - RJ  MORE >>
Garden of Love
03/19/18 7:07 am
"I wrote motifs and melodies that, to my mind, were some of the most haunting I had ever composed. I called the album ‘Garden of Love.’ I was dead certain that I was presenting a side of Rick James that the public would like to know." - Rick James  MORE >>
Inspired By
03/16/18 7:28 am
Rick is still contributing to music today. He has been sampled by Jay-Z, Three 6 Mafia, Lana del Rey, Kanye West, and numerous others. What's your favorite RJ remix?   MORE >>
Today in History
03/14/18 7:19 am
Rick James played the Hampton Roads Coliseum in Virginia on the "Fire It Up" Tour with Prince 38 years ago, today.   MORE >>
03/12/18 7:18 am
Rick was known for his funky tunes, but he was also a great lyricist and songwriter. In the song "Hollywood" from "Come Get It!," Rick talks about how he got the courage to leave the ghetto where he was raised, in order to do bigger and better things. When have you done something courageous in order to get closer your dreams? Take a trip to "Hollywood":
03/09/18 6:50 am
"It was a renaissance. The '80s were a renaissance time for us. As you see, in the late '80s and the early '90s, black music totally changed." - RJ   MORE >>
Mynah Birds
03/09/18 6:37 am
"Neil helped reshape The Mynah Birds into the band I'd be hearing inside my head. Like John Sebastian, Neil bridged folk, blues, and rock in a format that didn’t sound artificial. It sounded real. He was the missing ingredient." - Rick James on adding Neil Young to The Mynah Birds.   MORE >>
Be Like Rick
03/07/18 7:34 am
Rick’s freaky style and personality influenced other musicians like him. Which artists today remind you of Rick? Let cats know in the comments below.   MORE >>
Teena Marie
03/05/18 6:50 am
"[Teena Marie] had a sound and a soul that excited my imagination." - RJ  MORE >>

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