06/03/15 9:48 am
The summer of 1981 is the summer Rick James "came to town." - Righton! Any of you cats shake your butts at the sold-out Street Songs tour shows?  MORE >>
Ghetto Life
06/01/15 9:08 am
Nothing is more infectious than the bass line from Give It To Me Baby… except maybe the guitar licks on Ghetto Life.  MORE >>
Street Songs
05/29/15 8:48 am
"What made Street Songs such a success was the defiant and passionate performances given by James, together with the innovative and exciting songwriting throughout.” –BBC, 2008
05/27/15 10:26 am
I saw Joni Mitchell in little clubs, playing her guitar and singing her life-experience songs. She’d come to hear me as well and was always encouraging. Same thing was true of Kenny Rogers, David Clayton-Thomas, Gordon Lightfoot, and Neil Young. Every one of these cats respected the African-American musical tradition. They drew from it. And they let me know I was a part of it.” - Rick James on life in Toronto.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/25/15 12:08 pm
"A lot of black musicians limit themselves to just R&B or Jazz and they don't get off into the classics, for example - or folk music. There aren't too many Funk performers who would even know who Robert Johnson is, for example!” - Rick James speaking with Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>
Make Love To Me
05/22/15 8:18 am
"Make love to me, Let your feelings show, Feelin' hot, feelin' cold, Feelin' young and feelin' old" - Rick James "Make Love To Me" off of the 1981 album, "Street Songs". Pre-order the album on vinyl here.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/20/15 7:23 am
"I'd always thought that if Hendrix, who went from straight-up R & B to white rock, could do it, why not me? We were both black hippies." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/18/15 6:54 am
"Everything's an influence on me. Catholicism, Buddhist and Tibetan writings, Martin Luther King. I spend a lot of time at the ranch reading. I'm just happy when things are moving in a positive direction, when they're running smooth." - Rick to NME, 1984  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/15/15 6:42 am
"James and his band looked like conquering, pillaging Vikings; all naturally over 6 feet tall and with prerequisite platform boots that only added to their towering frame." - Vibe Magazine  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/13/15 8:11 am
"Right then and there I had the engineer hook up a mic and started singing the story as it came to me - this story of a super freak. I never wrote down a word. Made it up on the spot. It just kinda grew out of me." - Rick James on "Superfreak"  MORE >>

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