Quote of the Day
05/15/15 6:42 am
"James and his band looked like conquering, pillaging Vikings; all naturally over 6 feet tall and with prerequisite platform boots that only added to their towering frame." - Vibe Magazine  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/13/15 8:11 am
"Right then and there I had the engineer hook up a mic and started singing the story as it came to me - this story of a super freak. I never wrote down a word. Made it up on the spot. It just kinda grew out of me." - Rick James on "Superfreak"  MORE >>
05/11/15 10:51 am
"Super Freak" was used in two separate Beavis and Butthead episodes.   MORE >>
USA Today
05/08/15 7:43 am
"...James helped forge a sub-genre I like to characterize as "baroque funk," which between the late 1970s and mid-1980s amalgamated mainstream rock's gaudier theatrical motifs with down-and-dirty rhythm-and-blues riffs; a crossover innovation still filtering through Hip Hop Nation's precincts." - USA Today, 2014  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/06/15 7:24 am
"I went for it. I told my party-loving lawyer that I wanted to do something big. I wanted a big band. I wanted to paint on a large canvas. To realize the sounds in my head I needed lots of players." - Rick James  MORE >>
Street Songs
05/04/15 8:26 am
"I was born in a city we call Buffalo, zero degrees below is too damn cold and funky" - Rick James "Below The Fun (Pass The J)". "Street Songs" will be out on vinyl again June 9th, pre-order here:
Quote of the Day
05/01/15 11:54 am
"What Rick James risked, he risked in full knowledge of the hazards, all of the hazards. He was that rare being with the courage to be exactly who he was." - Los Angeles Review of Books  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/29/15 7:30 am
Rick reminds us of the struggles on the road to success: "I was in Europe, playing music and starving. I was in Canada, playing music and starving." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/27/15 7:54 am
"I don't try to hide sex in my music. Music is very sexual. I don't hide it." - Rick James, Mark Lundahl, Sun Staff, Rick James puts on fireworks  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/24/15 7:30 am
"When they see us, it's something unusual, something different." -Rick James  MORE >>

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