Funk Fact
03/06/15 7:38 am
Growin' Up in the Ghetto: As a kid, Rick was a self-proclaimed car thief and street fighter.  MORE >>
Funk Fact
03/04/15 7:29 am
Rick originally wrote "Standing On The Top" for himself, but when he heard The Temptations were getting back together, he jumped at the chance to collaborate with them.  MORE >>
Fun Fact
03/02/15 1:38 pm
Rick James was the first solo artist at Motown to hit "Platinum" on a first album.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/27/15 7:38 am
"[Punk] is rebellious, it's sensual, it's dancing music, it's whatever you want it to be, but it speaks the truth and it's about me." Desert Sun, "James high priest of punk funk", Sep 7 1979  MORE >>
Imagine this feeling:
02/25/15 8:22 am
"'You and I' was the most added single of the week. It was number one in Atlanta and was selling like hotcakes up and down the coast. I can't recall the guy's name, but he said he was from Motown [and told me] 'At this rate it's gonna be number one, not just R&B, but pop.'" Rick James in Glow
Quote of the Day
02/23/15 7:37 am
"The brothas would have me singing their favorite Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett songs." - Rick James on his time behind bars in Canada.  MORE >>
02/20/15 8:02 am
"I decided to build up my band in Buffalo because Buffalo was where I had originally built up my own musical strength." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/18/15 7:25 am
"Kiss hammered home the importance of high drama... I decided to design my show with the same goal; I wanted my fans to remember my show for the rest of their lives." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/16/15 8:19 am
"Better than pure cocaine, better than dripping-wet pussy, better than anything - the fact that I had a certified hit record was the best news I'd ever received." Rick James on You and I  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/13/15 7:31 am
"My music is pretty honest. I can't rap on science fiction. Punk is from the street." - Rick James, Desert Sun, "James high priest of punk funk", Sep 7 1979  MORE >>

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