Quote of the Day
04/24/15 7:30 am
"When they see us, it's something unusual, something different." -Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/22/15 7:11 am
"I think the people are just looking for freedom in music... There's a lot of she-bop she-bop going on out there. Maybe they're tired of that same old thing." - Rick James  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
04/20/15 7:33 am
Rick fans, caption this!  MORE >>
Street Songs
04/17/15 12:50 pm
"A cassette of Brahms' 'Concerto no. 1 in D Minor', one of James' favorite pieces of music, fills the rear of the limo — a lullaby for a superstar. Rick James can afford to sleep easy. He is now the most popular black rock & roll star in the world. His last album has sold more than four million copies. He is a millionaire many times over. Yes, life has been good to Rick James recently." - Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone after Street Songs' original release. Get it again, on vinyl, June 9. Pre-order here.  MORE >>
Everybody wave your freak flags!
04/15/15 7:32 am
The Flag hit stores this week in 1986. Send us your freakiest moments dancing to Rick James and we'll share our favorites.  MORE >>
Today In History
04/13/15 8:05 am
Life hit theaters today in 1999. Who remembers this cameo alongside Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence?  MORE >>
Rick's Influence
04/10/15 7:19 am
There’s a lot of talk these days about Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye, and the black experience in America. Rick was certainly a satirist, on some levels, of this experience. What do you think his influence has been?
Street Songs
04/09/15 7:55 am
"If I wasn't selling any albums, your ass wouldn't be here right now." - Rick James to Dave DiMartino in CREEM MAGAZINE, 1981. Street Songs will be available on vinyl again on June 9. Preorder here:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/06/15 3:03 pm
"After putting out his first album, artists wanted Rick to open for them, but he turned them down because he wanted to headline his own tour. They told Rick to take advantage because he may never have another hit. Rick's reply: 'I said if that's the case I'll just be broke. Because you have not seen the last of Rick James.'" - Mark Lundahl, Sun Staff  MORE >>
Eddie Murphy
04/03/15 7:37 am
Happy Birthday Eddie Murphy!  MORE >>

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