Happy New Year!
12/31/14 9:28 am
Best wishes for a funky new year! - The Rick James Team
Video of the Day
12/29/14 11:01 am
"Tell em how you feel, Rick..."  MORE >>
12/26/14 8:25 am
Didn't get a copy of GLOW under the Christmas Tree? No worries. Tag the person in the comments on our FB page that you're spending New Year's with and we'll select two people to win copies of the book.
Happy Christmas
12/24/14 7:24 am
Happy Christmas! - Rick James Team
Stay Warm
12/22/14 7:17 am
How did Rick stay warm in the cold winter nights of Sweden? Find out:
Rick James in the Early Days
12/19/14 7:41 am
"I had fallen through the cracks of the two worlds of pop music - black and white - knowing that I could do both those styles with originality and skill." Read more about how he became The King Of Punk Funk:
12/17/14 7:46 am
You may be on the naughty list, doesn't mean you can't get what you want for Christmas.
12/15/14 7:13 am
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the funkiest person in your life? How about putting GLOW under the tree?  MORE >>
Keith Murphy
12/12/14 7:36 am
"You will get turned up from his party-starting soundtracks." - Keith Murphy on Rick James   MORE >>
Photo of the Day
12/10/14 7:13 am
Does it get any cooler than Rick James and Billy Dee Williams?  MORE >>

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