Quote of the Day
01/30/15 7:44 am
Rick in Rick's words: "A rebel, a renegade, an artist-singer-writer-producer-bandleader intent on branding my identity in the most dramatic terms." - from "Glow".
Quote of the Day
01/28/15 8:03 am
"My productions usually start with a bass line of my invention. Because I think in bass, my songs are born from the bottom up." - Rick James in "Glow".  MORE >>
01/26/15 7:36 am
Our final track for #RickJamesJanuaryJams is "Spacey Love" off of "Bustin' Out of L Seven" released today in 1979. What are you going to put on your #RickJamesJams February playlist?  MORE >>
01/21/15 7:43 am
?uestlove plays "What's In My Bag?" with Rolling Stone and picks up some hard-to-get Rick James albums during his trip to Amoeba Records in LA.
01/19/15 8:20 am
"An Arab and a Jew came together for one common god, Rick James." Canadian duo, Chromeo, are self-proclaimed Rick James fans. This week, we've got their track, "Sexy Socialite" on our #RickJamesJanuaryJams playlist.  MORE >>
01/16/15 7:21 am
Photo: Paul Young, Iggy Pop, Rick James, and David Bowie.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
01/14/15 7:33 am
"As far as Motown was concerned, the Mynah Birds were complete oddballs. When we arrived - sometime in 1966 - it was culture shock." - Rick James in "Glow"  MORE >>
January 1981
01/12/15 7:42 am
Rick was recording his album, "Street Songs", in January of 1981. Later that year, the world was introduced to "Super Freak" and hasn't been the same since. #RickJamesJanuaryJams   MORE >>
01/09/15 9:32 am
Rick on one of his inspirations: "And naturally, I never stopped learned from Tower of Power's main inspiration, James Brown. The Godfather was the grease, the grit, and guts of groove-centric R&B." - from "Glow".  MORE >>

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