Rick James
08/06/14 8:50 am
February 1, 1948 - August 6, 2004  MORE >>
Cold Blooded
08/04/14 4:58 pm
Cold Blooded hit stores this week in 1983. What's your favorite track on the record?  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/01/14 4:43 pm
"After reading Rick James' autobiography, he was probably more Rock, more arrogant, more brash... Rick James, I feel is worthy of it." - Questlove on the induction of funk artists to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Jay Balfour at HipHopDX, 2014. Get the book:
Quote of the Day
07/30/14 7:36 am
"I think I'm a musician who writes for people as opposed to being self-indulgent. I have to like it, but it's basically for people. I concentrate on that, giving them what I think they can dance to and what I think they would appreciate in their ears." - Rick James on writing hits
Quote of the Day
07/28/14 8:23 am
"By listening to people like Tchaikovsky and Beethoven and Mahler and all these people, you get a feeling for air. White music is oriented from the sky, from an ethereal place. That's where classical music comes from. Black music is rhythms, drums." ...  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
07/25/14 8:06 am
"I wanted to write a silly song. I was in the studio and everything else for the album (Street Songs) was done. I just put 'Super Freak' together really quickly. I wanted a silly song that had a bit of new wave texture to it." ...  MORE >>
Letís see what youíve got
07/16/14 9:00 am
Post a 15 second video of you reading an excerpt from GLOW: The Autobiography of Rick James to Instagram or YouTube for your chance to win Rick James' whole catalog as a digital download from iTunes.  MORE >>

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