Quote of the Day
11/10/14 7:19 am
"George Clinton and Parliament would always try to put their foot up our ass, but it never worked. [We] funked a hole in their chests." - Rick James 10 Years After Rick James' Death: Hanging With The Super Freak, Keith Murphy Posted August 6, 2014  MORE >>
Today in History
11/07/14 8:03 am
Rick and The Stone City Band graced the set of Saturday Night Live today in 1981  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
11/05/14 7:51 am
No one could funk like Rick.  MORE >>
On the Stone City Band
11/03/14 2:57 pm
"They were just about the baddest motherf*cking funkers on the planet who could play jazz, rock, Latin… anything." - 10 Years After Rick James' Death: Hanging With The Super Freak, Keith Murphy Posted August 6, 2014  MORE >>
Happy Halloween!
10/31/14 4:46 am
Don’t forget to send us your funkiest Rick James costumes for your chance to win a copy for GLOW. We will accept photos until November 3!
Quote of the Day
10/29/14 7:36 am
"[Rick] scared me a lot of times - driving a car through Topanga Canyon at breakneck speed. He could have killed us 10 times but he didn't care. Rick was laughing hysterically while I screamed for my life. He was like the angel and the demon all in one person. You never knew which one was going to show up." - Dave Burt of Heaven and Earth  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/27/14 8:10 am
On being sampled in hip hop: "I didn't like it until my lawyers told me how much money I was making. Then I was no longer mad!" - Rick James, Andria Lisle, MOJO, September 2002
Street Songs
10/24/14 7:38 am
"Street Songs is one of those albums that means something different to everybody who hears it - dance music, love music, flat-out funk, and, too, strange stuff for those willing to meet it halfway." - Dave DiMartino, Creem 1981  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/22/14 7:53 am
"In those days, I wanted to be as big as Sly was at the time. Now, there's no telling how Big Rick James can get if he hangs in there." - Rick James, John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/20/14 7:46 am
"I try to make the audience forget all their problems - for an hour and a half or so get them out of themselves, and space, and time, and consciousness." - Rick James, Rolling Stone, March 8 2002

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