Rolling Stone Essentials
09/26/14 8:06 am
Rolling Stone listed their 10 essential Rick James tracks. Which tracks are on your essentials list?
Quote of the Day
09/24/14 8:01 am
"When I'm working on a song, I'll play the drums and guitars and bass and keyboards, then scat the horn parts until they sound right. And my sax man Daniel LeMelle has been with me for 25 years sometimes he can feel what I'm singing even before I come up with it." Rick James, MOJO 2002
Ghetto Life
09/22/14 7:34 am
"Where's the place we funk?, Ghetto Land that's the place we funk" - "Ghetto Life"  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/19/14 8:07 am
"I get out and fire up the funk to where the riot squad is lined up in the front of the stage. Doesn't matter that the audience is German; those motherfuckers know every word to my every song." James on Rockpalast in Germany, 1982. Read more in Rick's autobiography "Glow"   MORE >>
Buffalo's Influence
09/17/14 8:02 am
"Ultimately, the sounds James experienced in Buffalo became his own sound - a heady mixture of R&B, funk, rock, soul and jazz sensibilities. It is, more than any other sound in popular music, the sound of our city - dreamed of here, concocted here, largely performed by musicians from here." Buffalo News, 2014  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/15/14 7:49 am
Rick had this to say when asked about how his music background influenced his recording process: "A lot of black musicians limit themselves to just R&B or Jazz and they don't get off into the classics, for example - or folk music. There aren't too many Funk performers who would even know who Robert Johnson is, for example!" - Blues & Soul, 1979.
Charlie Murphy
09/12/14 8:17 am
Charlie Murphy addresses 10 years of people shouting Rick James' imitations at him:
Quote of the Day
09/05/14 7:39 am
"Swinging braids, fringes, leather, mucho macho posturing, a bass guitar, women and a spliff. Wild style and wilder eyes, an uptown Geronimo." - Lloyd Bradley describing Rick James in NME, 1978

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