Quote of the Day
06/06/14 8:34 am
"Rick James, lengths ahead of the field. No flash in the pan, just plain flash. Super Freak flash, pimp flash, ghetto flash - like a pre-army Elvis in a gold lame jacket and a pink Caddy or Bootsy and his Space Bass and star shaped shades - on the street yet up in the sky." Lloyd Bradley, NME, 10 April 1982
The Legend Continues
06/04/14 10:02 am
Just Blaze talks about Rick's influence in an episode of Legends+Pioneers with Opiyo Okeyo.   MORE >>
Watch and Learn
06/02/14 5:46 pm
Any artists out there? Study Rick's performance and learn how to be a star.  MORE >>
Charlie Murphy
05/30/14 7:08 am
We generally prefer to stick to the music, but for any of you that were curious: "Oh, me and Rick had many drinks together. Me and Rick were like two pirates drinking together, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, you know what I'm saying?" - Charlie Murphy on his friendship with Rick James (Vice, 2012)
Quote of the Day
05/28/14 7:46 am
"James comes on fast-talking and brash, like Sgt. Bilko engineering some scam." on Throwin' Down, Mitchell Cohen, Creem, 1982  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/27/14 7:41 am
"I think that for any artist to say that he's in touch with the pulse of the people is a good thing, but for him to actually believe that he knows what they're going to go for, he's got to be off in space!" -Rick JamesLloyd Bradley, NME, April 1982  MORE >>
It's time to "Party All The Time."
05/23/14 7:39 am
Eddie Murphy's ode to the good life was released a single today in 1985.  MORE >>
05/21/14 9:01 am
"You beautiful things, you beautiful things!" Glow, was released today in 1985. Get Rick's whole story in his autobiography of the same name, available to preorder now!   MORE >>
05/19/14 9:03 am
"Glow is at its strongest not when the band is vamping, but when Rick James is crooning." - Roy Trakin, Creem 1985  MORE >>
Pretty Much
05/16/14 7:47 am
"Rick James is all come-on, all egocentric hedonism, and he makes humpy, very alive party-rock." -Mitchell Cohen, Creem, 1982  MORE >>

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