Quote of the Day
10/27/14 8:10 am
On being sampled in hip hop: "I didn't like it until my lawyers told me how much money I was making. Then I was no longer mad!" - Rick James, Andria Lisle, MOJO, September 2002
Street Songs
10/24/14 7:38 am
"Street Songs is one of those albums that means something different to everybody who hears it - dance music, love music, flat-out funk, and, too, strange stuff for those willing to meet it halfway." - Dave DiMartino, Creem 1981  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/22/14 7:53 am
"In those days, I wanted to be as big as Sly was at the time. Now, there's no telling how Big Rick James can get if he hangs in there." - Rick James, John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/20/14 7:46 am
"I try to make the audience forget all their problems - for an hour and a half or so get them out of themselves, and space, and time, and consciousness." - Rick James, Rolling Stone, March 8 2002
10/17/14 7:49 am
We better see some Rick James costumes roaming the streets this Halloween! Send us your photos as attachments in messages to the Facebook page. Five of our favorites will win copies of Glow.
Fire It Up
10/15/14 8:39 am
Cock back that Love Gun, Fire It Up was released today in 1979!  MORE >>
Today in History
10/13/14 8:31 am
Today in 1997 Urban Rapsody was released to the masses!  MORE >>
Big Time
10/10/14 7:51 am
Rick hit Soul Train with Big Time this week in 1980.  MORE >>
On Punk Funk
10/08/14 7:38 am
"We created the name, because I always thought if we were real successful, and really made a dent in the music world, we'd do it before Joe Blow titled us." - Rick James
Quote of the Day
10/06/14 7:51 am
When "Fire It Up" had just been released, an interviewer asked if he was thinking about putting out another album. Rick says to him, "The songs are finished already all I have to do is record it." #onestepahead - John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>

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