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Which story in GLOW did you find most surprising?

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It's the last big beach weekend of the year. GLOW better be in your beach bag!
Rick James on Beat It
08/27/14 9:15 am
"So, like Michael [Jackson] would say, or like Rick James would say, 'Get out of my face.' Michael would say 'Beat It.' He's polite." - Rick James, VH1 Interview  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/25/14 9:22 am
"Rick James is all come-on, all egocentric hedonism, and he makes humpy, very alive party-rock." - Mitchell Cohen, Creem, 1982  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/22/14 8:16 am
"He's the bad boy of black pop, a groove-minded funkster with a nasty attitude, and a tall, lean sex machine." - Andria Lisle, MOJO, September 2002  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/20/14 8:00 am
Rick's ahead-of-his-time views on the music biz: "It's getting numb. There's less to think about. It's saying less and meaning less." - Barney Hoskyns, NME, 14 April 1984  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/18/14 8:11 am
"There's so many plastic people [in Hollywood] it's like a walking Disneyland. Everybody's Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse." - Rick James, to Barney Hoskyns, NME, April 14, 1984  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/15/14 8:27 am
"You've got love with me, hope, the future. I write about shit the way it is." - Rick James, Barney Hoskyns, NME, 14 April 1984  MORE >>
Rick's Fashion Approach
08/13/14 8:21 am
"I call it the Un-Wave! No more flash costumes - everyone will dress exactly the way they feel most comfortable." - John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 7 October 1980  MORE >>

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