The Legend Continues
06/04/14 10:02 am
Just Blaze talks about Rick's influence in an episode of Legends+Pioneers with Opiyo Okeyo.   MORE >>
Watch and Learn
06/02/14 5:46 pm
Any artists out there? Study Rick's performance and learn how to be a star.  MORE >>
Charlie Murphy
05/30/14 7:08 am
We generally prefer to stick to the music, but for any of you that were curious: "Oh, me and Rick had many drinks together. Me and Rick were like two pirates drinking together, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, you know what I'm saying?" - Charlie Murphy on his friendship with Rick James (Vice, 2012)
Quote of the Day
05/28/14 7:46 am
"James comes on fast-talking and brash, like Sgt. Bilko engineering some scam." on Throwin' Down, Mitchell Cohen, Creem, 1982  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/27/14 7:41 am
"I think that for any artist to say that he's in touch with the pulse of the people is a good thing, but for him to actually believe that he knows what they're going to go for, he's got to be off in space!" -Rick JamesLloyd Bradley, NME, April 1982  MORE >>
It's time to "Party All The Time."
05/23/14 7:39 am
Eddie Murphy's ode to the good life was released a single today in 1985.  MORE >>
05/21/14 9:01 am
"You beautiful things, you beautiful things!" Glow, was released today in 1985. Get Rick's whole story in his autobiography of the same name, available to preorder now!   MORE >>
05/19/14 9:03 am
"Glow is at its strongest not when the band is vamping, but when Rick James is crooning." - Roy Trakin, Creem 1985  MORE >>
Pretty Much
05/16/14 7:47 am
"Rick James is all come-on, all egocentric hedonism, and he makes humpy, very alive party-rock." -Mitchell Cohen, Creem, 1982  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/14/14 9:20 am
"For the people who are buying the records... They put you up there, so give them the best you can. But as fast as you come up, you can go down." - Rick James, Lloyd Bradley, NME, April 1982

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