Throwin' Down
05/12/14 7:25 am
Rick turned up the heat on the world with the release of Throwin' Down this week in 1982.   MORE >>
Happy Mother's Day
05/11/14 7:23 am
Leave the kinky girls home today - it's time to go home to Mother! Happy Mother's Day to all the super freaks out there.
Were You There?
05/09/14 12:45 pm
Rick played a show with Chaka Khan at the Greek Theater in LA in May 2002. Was anyone there? Message us with your ticket stub and your story and we’ll share it with the community!
Quote of the Day
05/07/14 7:21 am
"It's so strange, that you can never tell what's going to work." - Rick JamesLloyd Bradley, NME, April 1982
05/05/14 7:00 am
You can't deny it; Rick had the look. "Swinging braids, fringes, leather, mucho macho posturing, a bass guitar, women and a spliff." -Lloyd Bradley, NME, April 1982
Things that made him the King of Punk Funk
05/02/14 11:01 am
Rick James considered Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" to be one of the best albums ever made. Street Songs sat at #1 for 22 weeks, breaking Stevie's record of 21 weeks. A little funk and determination can go a long way.
Quote of the Day
04/30/14 2:27 pm
"He had this charisma about him. He also had this energy and this total belief…this certainty of what he was going to do." - former Yellow Payges lead guitarist Michael Rumma  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/28/14 8:52 am
"You see, we all think we know so much and yet we understand so little. I don't think there is any hope of us solving our own problems. But individually we can all try." -Rick James, John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>
Donna Summer
04/25/14 9:02 am
"Now, Donna Summer isn't a disco artiste - she's Crisco! She's oiled all the way so she goes disco, popsco, MORsco." -Rick James, John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/23/14 8:41 am
"I'm not a disco artist. I'm not a Rock artist or a Funk artist. I'm an artist." - Rick James, John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>

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