Behind the Music
03/07/14 7:22 am
"'Below the Funk' is really one of my favorites. It's an afro-rhythm thing, but it's really just me telling people in my hometown, 'Fuck you. Kiss my ass, with all that bullshit talking about me being a faggot." ...  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
03/05/14 8:10 am
Back in the early days... circa 1976.  MORE >>
03/03/14 12:36 pm
This one's for last night's Oscar winners: Rick James – Hollywood  MORE >>
02/28/14 7:24 am
Pop Matters explains why, if a showdown had ever occurred, Rick would probably have owned Prince, musically speaking:
Lana Del Rey
02/26/14 7:30 am
Hollywood darling Lana Del Rey was doing Rick James way before Great Gatsby and Malifecent came calling...  MORE >>
RJ on Street Songs
02/24/14 6:56 am
"Street Songs came out and kind of took over, in a way, that whole thing that was lasting from disco. It kind of pushed shit back in the streets where it belonged, out of the castles and out of the discos, and back into the street." – Rick James  MORE >>
Name Droppin'
02/21/14 7:35 am
Rick James is one of the most name-dropped artists in all of music. Post your favorite Rick James references by other artists and we'll recognize the best ones.
02/19/14 9:59 am
On the Mynah Birds: "We had a manager who owned a mynah bird shop, and his brother wrote these mynah bird songs..."  MORE >>
02/19/14 9:57 am
As the debate rages in Washington about the legalization of marijuana, it can pretty much be boiled down to this: "I like marijuana, I been smokin' marijuana for many-many-many-many years. And I love it, OK?" –Rick James
Happy Valentine's Day
02/14/14 9:55 am
If stores sold Rick James Valentine's day cards...  MORE >>

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