Quote of the Day
07/07/14 10:39 am
"Well, Beethoven was a lunatic too. His image was completely maniacal." - Rick James, on his public image, Musician Magazine, 1983.
4th of July
07/04/14 7:54 am
Nothing says "Happy Birthday, America" like Rick James.  MORE >>
Rick James on Sampling
07/02/14 8:58 am
"My songs were risque. Right now its ridiculous... when they use the N word or the B word. I don't think you have to do that in a song. Plus is reflects too on the young".  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
06/30/14 7:42 am
"Between Parliament and Prince, Rick carried the banner of black pop over that fertile territory known as funk. As the seventies melted into the eighties, he was bad, superbad, the baddest of the bad." - David Ritz. Get the whole story:
Quote of the Day
06/27/14 7:34 am
"Marvin's story is incredible. But wait until you hear mine." - Rick James to David Ritz. Get the whole story in GLOW. Pre-order now:
06/25/14 7:40 am
How many songs can you name that name-check Rick James? Person who lists the most (and the lyric) gets a copy of "Glow: The Autobiography of Rick James" when it is released next month.
Quote of the Day
06/23/14 7:19 am
"It sometimes would take the audience a little while to let go. Some people show a tendency to act at a concert [as they would at] a fashion show or in church, or somewhere where it's necessary to be cool. I don't think there's ever been a place where we didn't take all that cool shit out of people."
It's Summer Solstice
06/20/14 7:50 am
"Winter's gone, And like the seasons , I'm changing for reasons, I can feel your summer love comin' on, So warm and hot girl, I beg you don't stop" - Summer Love
Berry Gordy
06/18/14 8:32 am
From back in '84:, "Berry Gordy said you were a pussycat. Is that fair?" "I'm a pussycat, but if you fuck with me I'm a black panther. Berry Gordy is a pussycat."  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
06/16/14 7:24 am
Rick talks about his early years before the fame: "I had begun to feel like a catalyst because everybody I had worked with had gone on to make it and I kept hearing about their Gold records and their Platinum records..."

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