Long Beach Represent!
12/13/13 7:35 am
The epic live performance of "Ghetto Life" at Long Beach in '81  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
12/09/13 8:03 am
"People love funk, people love to dance. I don't think, a lot of times, the rap on top of stuff really means or meant anything. To a lot of kids, as long as the beat was low-down and filthy, they loved it. A lot of times, you could get up and say anything on top of it: 'My asshole hurts,' or 'I got a hemorrhoid,' or anything. It really didn't matter. And it would sell, because the beat was so funky. A lot of stuff looked like that." - Rick James
12/06/13 8:04 am
Rick's been all over TV lately. No fewer than 3 tracks in Scandal, "Give It To Me Baby" on Dancing With The Stars, "Mary Jane" in In A World... where else have you heard Rick recently?
Funky Christmas
12/04/13 8:18 am
What's that? You need some funk in your Christmas? Let your lover know that you want the Rick James Wings T.  MORE >>
Soul Train
12/02/13 10:59 am
In honor of last night's Soul Train Awards, we bring you Rick's Soul Train performance of "Big Time."   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
11/29/13 9:34 am
"My music clears out your insides and you can have a good inner shit. Drop some Rick James music and it will give you mental diarrhea. So, for all you mentally constipated people, try my new album, "Fire It Up"!" - Rick James, Interview with John Abbey, 1979  MORE >>
11/27/13 7:06 am
Today in 1982, Rick James stormed the stage at the Jamaica World Music Festival.   MORE >>
Need More Fun?
11/25/13 7:47 am
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