The Flag
04/14/14 7:44 am
The Flag was released this week in 1986. Everybody wave your freak flag!  MORE >>
04/11/14 8:13 am
Rick never approved of anyone labeling his sound or his concept. "Let me label myself!" - RJ  MORE >>
A Step Ahead
04/09/14 7:50 am
Rick was always a step ahead. When "Fire It Up" had just been released, an interviewer asked if he was thinking about putting out another album. Rick says to him, "The songs are finished already all I have to do is record it."John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 1979  MORE >>
Street Songs
04/07/14 4:20 am
On this day in 1981, RJ released the epic album, Street Songs. Let us all take a short recess for some butt shaking.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/04/14 7:16 am
"I love the way the English bands do it and that's how our show will be. They all build up this kind of mystique and charisma and yet it isn't pretentious..."  MORE >>
Never Give Up
04/02/14 7:34 am
After almost a decade of playing with small time acts, Rick swore he would quit the industry if his project with his new group, The Stone City Band, failed to gain any recognition. Their first single, "You and I," was a smash hit and spent two weeks at #1 on the Billboard R&B charts. #nevergiveup  MORE >>
Definitive Viewing
03/31/14 8:43 am
You might want to spend your weekend watching this.  MORE >>
On Reality
03/28/14 8:18 am
"I think people know that there's another side of Rick James. They realize that he couldn't create the music he creates if he was as much of a lunatic as people think." Rick James (Musician Magazine, 1983)
Record Store Day 12" Vinyl
03/26/14 4:06 pm
In celebration of Record Store Day, April 19, 2014, there will be a special limited-edition vinyl release. For a list of participating stores, please visit  MORE >>

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