Quote of the Day
03/24/14 9:56 am
"Whether you're rich or poor, life's still cold-blooded." - Rick James (NME, 1984)
03/21/14 8:45 am
"Everything's an influence on me. Catholicism, Buddhist and Tibetan writings, Martin Luther King. I spend a lot of time at the ranch reading. I'm just happy when things are moving in a positive direction, when they're running smooth." - Rick James
Quote of the Day
03/19/14 10:03 am
On rap: "I don't like the derogativeness of what a lot of it says, and the demeaning fact of how it puts the race. A lot of it, man, seems to be all about how women are hoes and bitches. Number one, my mother's not a ho, and not no bitch, and she never was." Rick James
Quote of the Day
03/17/14 6:56 am
"You've got love with me, hope, the future. I write about shit the way it is." Rick James Which Rick song most embodies those ideals for you?
Today in History
03/14/14 12:06 pm
Rick James blew the roof of the Hampton Roads Coliseum in Virginia today in 1980 on the "Fire It Up" tour.
Quote of the Day
03/12/14 8:22 am
"The Moog company in Buffalo gave me a lot of new toys to play around with, so I put aside the stuff I'd originally written. The drum machine has become a new frequency, it's tuned into people's brains. Also, it doesn't talk back." Rick James on experimenting with new sounds in 1984
Photo of the Day
03/10/14 8:04 am
Where the magic happens  MORE >>
Behind the Music
03/07/14 7:22 am
"'Below the Funk' is really one of my favorites. It's an afro-rhythm thing, but it's really just me telling people in my hometown, 'Fuck you. Kiss my ass, with all that bullshit talking about me being a faggot." ...  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
03/05/14 8:10 am
Back in the early days... circa 1976.  MORE >>
03/03/14 12:36 pm
This one's for last night's Oscar winners: Rick James Hollywood  MORE >>

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