Just Blaze
04/16/18 7:01 am
"He just had a certain flare to his funk that nobody's had before or since. He's a bad dude... I would definitely go on record and call [Rick] James a genius" - Just Blaze  MORE >>
Which song from Rick’s fiery album, "Come Get It!," has been sampled the most?
04/13/18 7:01 am
Rick inspired many artists to get down and freaky, listen to Apple Music's "Inspired by Rick James" playlist:   MORE >>
Come Get It
04/11/18 7:04 am
"My top was custom-made in the form of a red rhinestone heart. We hired a gorgeous model in a provocative baby-blue outfit, her breasts barely covered. She reclined on the floor, her back arched, her eyes focused on me as I reached down to take her hand. I wanted to look like a hero.” - RJ  MORE >>
Meme of the Day
04/09/18 6:50 am
Be in tune with your inner Super Freak:  MORE >>
Mary Jane
04/06/18 7:09 am
"'Mary Jane' was about my love affair with pot." - RJ   MORE >>
04/04/18 10:05 am
"I worked like a demon in that studio for the next eight weeks. When I left, I had what I wanted - eight killer tracks that expressed exactly who I was: a singer/funkster/writer/composer/arranger who could dirty up the disco vibe without succumbing to its silliness. I also had the perfect name for the album. It said exactly what I wanted the public to do: Come Get It!" - RJ on Come Get it!, which turns 40 this month.   MORE >>
Happy Birthday to the iconic Marvin Gaye!
04/02/18 10:17 am
"The whole thing - Marvin's gustiness, Marvin's vision, and Marvin's sweet funky music - was an inspiration." - RJ  MORE >>
Happy Birthday, MC Hammer!
03/30/18 7:19 am
"'U Can’t Touch This' was one of the biggest hits of all time." - Rick James  MORE >>
Punk Funk Legend
03/28/18 11:05 am
Rick James' influence as a fiery punk funk legend will still be heard for generations to come! Where do you hear Rick's influence?  MORE >>
Think you know how crazy Rick James' life REALLY was?
03/26/18 6:55 am
Read the Rolling Stone tell all, "From Dali to Bestiality: The 10 Craziest Stories in Rick James' Memoir." What story surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments, freaks!   MORE >>

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