Put the funk on top!
11/14/12 2:46 pm
Check out Rick James’ Billboard Plaque for his first Billboard #1 Single – “Loosey’s Rap” - 1988  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
11/12/12 4:09 pm
Rick James is right where he belongs on the cover of Cashbox Magazine!  MORE >>
Give It To Me Baby
11/09/12 6:31 pm
Wveryone should be singing this song this weekend: "Give it to Me Baby"  MORE >>
Question of the Day
11/05/12 2:51 pm
If you could have seen Rick James play any venue, where would you have wanted to see him play?
11/02/12 4:14 pm
If only we had a time machine...  MORE >>
Happy Halloween!
10/31/12 4:59 pm
Show us your Rick James costumes!
Song of the Day
10/29/12 3:54 pm
"You and I, We fit together like a glove on hand, That's right, Don't you know, That I would gladly take you anywhere, You wanted to go" - You and I
Funky Fact
10/26/12 3:18 pm
Rick James' Street Songs Tour ended in Los Angeles at the Forum on October 25, 1981. Share your photos and memories!
Photo of the Day
10/24/12 3:16 pm
Rick James is cool, but his music is HOT.  MORE >>

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