Urban Rapsody
10/14/13 8:25 am
Rick released his final album, "Urban Rapsody," today in 1997. Although influenced by 90s hip hop, the album's tracks are laced with electric rhythms and driving bass lines, highlighting Rick's ability to make everything funky.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/09/13 10:35 am
Rick's showmanship was unmatched in his day. When asked about what experiencing his show is like, he said, "A lot of pyro, a lot of glitter, a lot of rhinestones. It was showtime, baby. Ghetto fabulous. We wanted to give black people a show, man... Everything that white kids were getting at KISS and other shows, we wanted to give to black kids." (Live Daily Interview, 2001)  MORE >>
Street Songs
10/07/13 7:42 am
While writing for Street Songs, Rick would disguise himself and visit the ghetto in Buffalo where he grew up. The pimps, the hoes, the degradation, and the police corruption put the taste of the ghetto in his mouth, giving the lyrics he voiced an edginess that could only be captured from the streets.
Video of the Day
10/04/13 1:33 pm
It's really good to see you again, baby.  MORE >>
Video of the Day
10/02/13 8:17 pm
Sex me, funk me music...  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/30/13 3:34 pm
"I had always been a free spirit and always gotten what I wanted." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/27/13 4:18 pm
"I can't hang out as loose as I used to, but I can still go down Jefferson Avenue and look in the faces of winos, pimps and junkies, all the things I'm made of." Rick James
Quote of the Day
09/25/13 7:28 pm
Well, when you put it like that: "There's so much music in me. I write songs like I sit on the toilet and shit, you know: It just comes out of me." Rick James
Quote of the Day
09/23/13 5:49 pm
"I wanted to play the Apollo Theater because I didn't think I was going to be on the earth long." - Rick James  MORE >>
Question of the Day
09/20/13 7:56 am
Question: Rick once said in an interview, "If you free your mind, your ass will follow. That's my first law." Who's famous album is he referencing?   MORE >>

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