Danny Marks on Rick James
08/19/13 7:47 am
"He was a larger than life sort of character, charismatic as hell and brilliantly creative in all these genres, all believable, all great song-writing." – Danny Marks on Rick James  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
08/16/13 6:50 am
Adam Ant and Rick James, 1981  MORE >>
Bob Doughty
08/14/13 7:22 am
"One night this extremely flashy black guy approached us and asked if he could sing a couple of numbers with us in our last set. We jammed on a couple of blues tunes, Stones tunes and were introduced to this non-stop moving, harmonica playing, wailing fool, the likes no one had seen before. The crowd ate it up!" – Bob Doughty on his first encounter with Rick James, whom he would later play with in White Cane.  MORE >>
David Ritz on Rick James
08/12/13 7:26 am
As the seventies melted into the eighties, Rick was bad, superbad, the baddest of the bad. His orchestrations were brilliant, his shows spectacular. He worked in the celebrated R&B instrumental tradition—percussive guitar riffs, busy bass lines, syncopated horn punches—extending from Louis Jordan, Ray Charles, Ike Turner, James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton . . . His funk was high and mighty while his attitude stayed down and dirty. His eroticism was raw. He was an early gangsta of love, outrageous, unmanageable, both benefactor and victim of his own inexhaustible energy."  MORE >>
Video of the Day
08/09/13 5:57 pm
Rick around the world: Jazz trio gets funky at the Fulton Subway Stop in NYC.  MORE >>
Today in History
08/05/13 5:18 pm
Cold Blooded came out 30 years ago today! Celebrate by getting down Soul Train style!  MORE >>
Sample of the Day
08/02/13 3:37 pm
Even the Fresh Prince knew what was up. Sample of the day: "Give It To Me Baby" used in "I'm All That" by DJ JJ & FP.  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
07/31/13 7:15 am
#Royalty: Paul Young, Iggy Pop, Rick James and David Bowie by Gene Shaw  MORE >>

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