Legend of Rick James
09/18/13 7:46 am
Inspired by his muse in the middle of the night, Rick once got out of bed and penned 9 songs. When he slipped back in bed at dawn he whispered to his lady friend, "Hey baby, I made $4 million while you were asleep." (Source: People Magazine, 1982)  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
09/16/13 7:54 am
"You smoke a joint and write a song and next thing you know you've got a check in the mail... People rob banks and kill for a hundred dollars, and here come hundreds of thousands for something that took a few minutes. I think that's funny as hell." -Rick comments on how perplexing his success is to him. People Magazine, 1982  MORE >>
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09/13/13 8:38 am
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Little Known Fact
09/11/13 7:27 am
Rick James was called "Tippy Toes Johnson" in high school thanks to his prowess on the basketball court and football field. (Source: People Magazine Interview, 1982).
Quote of the Day
09/09/13 7:58 am
"I'm really not tailored for responsibility." Rick James, People Magazine, 1982  MORE >>
Rick James and Teena Marie
09/06/13 7:05 am
"By comparison, even the steamiest exchanges between couples such as Ashford & Simpson and Teddy Pendergrass and Stephanie Mills seemed tame." The New York Times review of Rick James and Teena Marie's 1981 Madison Square Garden show. Read the review here:
Thrown' Down
09/04/13 7:18 am
Throwin' Down is available digitally. That means you can download "Money Talks" and play it over and over. Go do it:
Back to School
09/02/13 6:50 pm
It's back to school time. Turn up the funk!  MORE >>
08/29/13 10:32 am
Post your best labor day Rick James playlist. We'll post and share out to the community!
Epic Legends
08/28/13 7:39 am
From the epic legends of Rock 'n Roll: When Rick James moved his band and entourage to his ranch near Buffalo, NY, he would sponsor tournaments with other bands touring through town. Grandmaster Flash, Luther Vandross, Cameo and Eddie Murphy all stopped by for games.

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