Rick James Was Prescient
06/18/12 9:30 am
"...And holograms are going to be great. Holographic imagery. I think it's going to be the next step for music and TV." -Rick James in an interview with Bankrate in 2002
Today in History
06/13/12 4:49 pm
Today in 1981, Rick James appeared on Soul Train. Here is "Fool On The Street."
Photo of the Day
06/11/12 1:41 pm
We dug up this original photograph of Rick and the Mary Jane Girls, made out to JoJo, one of the original MJGs!  MORE >>
06/08/12 12:37 pm
What 1995 film starring Chris Tucker featured "Mary Jane"?
06/06/12 7:55 am
Last month we showed you a video of Tupac impersonating Rick James.. Today, the video:
Mynah Birds History
06/04/12 3:42 pm
MTV's Hive tells how the Mynah Birds came to be. ,a href="" target="_new">

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