Sample of the Day
08/02/13 3:37 pm
Even the Fresh Prince knew what was up. Sample of the day: "Give It To Me Baby" used in "I'm All That" by DJ JJ & FP.  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
07/31/13 7:15 am
#Royalty: Paul Young, Iggy Pop, Rick James and David Bowie by Gene Shaw  MORE >>
Show Your Respect
07/26/13 6:53 am
Rick James on the cover of JET Magazine, July 26, 1979  MORE >>
Question of the Day
07/22/13 9:52 am
Ten points to the first person who knows where Rick James performed this day in 1978!
Itís Friday... time to "Pass the J."
07/19/13 6:54 am
"Said pass the jointGive me one mo' hitI ain't finished with itI got some more to say". "Below the Fun (Pass The J)"  MORE >>
07/17/13 7:52 am
How many Rick James songs are on your beach playlist?  MORE >>
What Kind of Funker Are You?
07/15/13 7:54 am
"Funkers are people who dig the funk; Little funkers, Big funkers, Old funkers, Young funkers, Foxy funkers, Mother funkers, Papa funkers." -Rick James
Where Are You?
07/12/13 7:38 am
At the corner of "Rick James" and "Best" street.  MORE >>

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