VIdeo of the Day
02/28/18 7:28 am
Loving the Rick shoutout around the 15-minute mark!  MORE >>
02/26/18 6:55 am
Ain't no party like a Rick James party cause a Rick James party don't stop! Party all night long to these funky jams:  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/23/18 6:58 am
"What makes him so popular is that he's from the street… It's about the street, it's about life, it's about what people are feeling.” - Berry Gordy   MORE >>
Kendrick Lamar
02/21/18 7:05 am
Rick James is one of the most sampled artists of all time. Can you spot a bit of Rick in Kendrick Lamar's' "DNA"? Spit some facts in the comments.   MORE >>
Happy Birthday, Smokey Robinson!
02/19/18 7:29 am
Celebrate his big day by watching him and Rick soothe your soul with their hit, "Ebony Eyes." Tag someone with gorgeous “Ebony Eyes” in the comments.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
02/16/18 7:18 am
"Rick James' great contribution to our culture is to have painted this big, dramatic, vivid picture of a world that few whites know anything about. And for blacks, James' songs must surely be powerful and cathartic." - Rolling Stone  MORE >>
"I'm Rick James, bitch!"
02/11/18 6:59 am
14 years ago, The Dave Chappelle Show aired "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - Rick James." What was your favorite part of that episode?
02/09/18 7:03 am
"Rick James, I get glitter on my eyelids." - BROCKHAMPTON   MORE >>
Mr. Policeman
02/07/18 6:52 am
"In the old days, our main thing was to take black music to the highest height we could, and to give people strong lyrical content and give people strong beats and rhythm." - RJ  MORE >>

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