Quote of the Day
05/09/18 12:31 pm
"I was born in the ghetto, and everyone in my band has starved, and we've all been through the rats and roaches syndrome. We're from the streets and we've been through the gang trip, too. Maybe I'll always be a punk. […] To me, a punk is someone who says what's on his mind and who doesn't take no shit!” - Rick James   MORE >>
05/07/18 12:56 pm
Tune into Dash Radio for “Super Freak - Powered by Rick James” - with Rick’s daughter, Ty James - and get a fresh dose of the best funk & soul from the 60s, 70s & 80s:  MORE >>
Happy Birthday James Brown!
05/03/18 1:40 pm
Happy Birthday to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Check out this footage of Rick, James Brown, & blues brother Dan Aykroyd performing James Brown's "Sex Machine" live in 1996.   MORE >>
Apple Music
05/02/18 2:21 pm
“By pairing electric funk with a devilish persona, Rick James helped move the ‘70s and ‘80s pop world to a sexier, funkier place.” - Apple Music  MORE >>
Sign Up!
05/01/18 10:13 am
Have you signed up for Rick James' mailing list? You don’t want to miss out on the latest news, offers, & exclusives - SUPER FREAKS ONLY! Sign-up now:  MORE >>
You And I
04/27/18 2:46 pm
"Better than pure cocaine, better than dripping-wet pussy, better than anything - the fact that I had a certified hit record was the best news I’d ever received. In this instant I knew my life was changing forever."- Rick’s thoughts after being notified that "You And I" was a Billboard charting hit.   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/25/18 5:10 am
"[‘Mary Jane’ has] lived on in zillions of rap samples, from EPMD's ‘Jane’ to J. Lo and Ja Rule's ‘I'm Real (Murder Remix)’ to Kanye West's ‘Runaway.’” - Rolling Stone  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
04/23/18 6:38 am
"I saw 'Hollywood' as a seminal song that described my undying dream of fortune and fame. It was written for Mom, who never stopped believing in my dream."- RJ  MORE >>
Happy 420, bitches!
04/20/18 7:06 am
Nobody loved “Mary Jane,” more than the King of Funk. Light one up and party with Rick’s lover, “Mary Jane,” today:  MORE >>
The Flag
04/18/18 1:24 pm
"The Flag [was] a serious reflection of the hypocrisy of the American empire. These were the Reagan years, when a dumb-ass Grade B actor was ruling the roost." - RJ  MORE >>

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