Question of the Day
05/22/13 4:22 pm
What is one of Rick's favorite rap songs of all time?  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/20/13 4:24 pm
"I didn't really have anything. I had a little room that I lived in with a bed and a record player. And I had this group, and we were all very happy. We were all happy to be living a very free life." – Rick James, on his days in Toronto
Quote of the Day
05/18/13 11:39 am
"Off-stage it's cool-out time. You can't funk and roll all the time." - Rick James  MORE >>
05/15/13 4:42 pm
Rick James has worked with many great musicians and artists throughout his career. Do you have a favorite collaboration?  MORE >>
Stevie Wonder
05/13/13 4:31 pm
We want to wish Stevie Wonder a very funky birthday. This one's for you, Stevie!   MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/10/13 2:37 pm
"I've had it all. I've done it all. I've seen it all." - Rick James  MORE >>
Did You Know?
05/08/13 1:34 pm
Did you know that the song "The Story of 2" by Ashanti sampled Rick James's "Dream Maker”? Rick James still remains one of the most sampled artist of all time.
Monday Mash Up
05/06/13 4:11 pm
"Give It To Me Baby" gets it on with "Thriller."  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/03/13 8:23 pm
"I betcha I'll make you holler."  MORE >>
05/01/13 2:46 pm
Spotted: Yvette Barlowe, formerly Yvette Marine, of The Mary Jane Girls, is now singing background vocals for The Jacksons on their Unity Tour!

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