Rick's Pick
06/17/13 3:51 pm
Fresh, Omniverse - They faded into obscurity after this album, but Rick saw the diamond in the rough. Check out Omniverse from Fresh – Rick's pick of the week:
Rick James on the Apocalypse
06/14/13 4:15 pm
"That's all. I think living on, my legacy, is all in the music. When the planet gets totally destroyed and everything, and the music is gone, then all the legacies will be gone. Until then, the music will speak for itself." – Rick James on the Apocalypse
Quote of the Day
06/12/13 3:24 pm
"I'm one of the baddest mother@%kers of all time..." - Rick James  MORE >>
Rick's Pick
06/10/13 4:30 pm
Josephine Baker, "50 Ans de Chansons" – Daring fashion, sultry songs, and chart topping hits: Josephine Baker and Rick James were cut from the same cloth. Read more about this record from Rick's collection:
Quote of the Day
06/05/13 4:18 pm
"I hate to have people call me a funk artist. I always get upset when I hear that. I'm so much more than a funk artist. I love lyrics. I like to consider myself a good lyricist. I love classical music, and I love Indian music, and I love all these musics that I've studied. I love jazz and R&B, Latin, salsa music, all that kind of stuff. Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, and all that. My love for music ranges, and it's so deep. To call me a funk artist really undermines me, and everything that I've done."
Rick's Pick
06/03/13 5:57 pm
Rick James' personal record collection is as eclectic as it is interesting. Explore the music that Rick listened to and discover some new gems in the process! Let us know your thoughts on the music in Rick's collection. Rick's pick: George Duke, “Follow The Rainbow” – What happens when a jazz virtuoso releases a trippy soul/R&B record? This. Read more about the record – and a highlight track here:
Quote of the Day
05/31/13 3:46 pm
"It gave me a sense of independence. It gave me a sense of the whole traveling-minstrel thing. I was over there singing and playing for a living." – Rick James, on living in Europe in the 1970s
Quote of the Day
05/29/13 4:44 pm
"My teacher said I would either be a hoodlum, or a great entertainer." - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
05/24/13 4:18 pm
"If anything I consider myself non-violent. I'm from the hippy era, peace, love, groovy." - Rick James  MORE >>

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