Dizzy Gillespie
03/30/12 1:57 pm
Rick James on Dizzy Gillespie: During the Throwin' Down tour I went to see Dizzy Gillespie at the Blue Note in New York. Man, I loved Dizzy. He was a guru, a beautiful man filled with the spirit of compassion, the father I never had. Diz was never judgmental. He used to say I was too serious and warn me not to look at life so black and white. He saw I was wild. "Rick," he said, "you remind me of Bird. Boy, you better slow down." But even Dizzy, for all his wisdom, couldn't change my reckless ways.
Photo of the Day
03/23/12 12:04 pm
A gaze that could melt the camera...  MORE >>
Bustin' Out!
03/21/12 12:32 pm
Enjoy this Rick James "Bustin Out'" promo from 1979!!
"You Can't Touch This"
03/19/12 3:46 pm
Rick James on "You Can't Touch This" (audio attached)...  MORE >>
On This Day
03/16/12 9:12 am
On this day in 1979, Rick James appeared on Midnight Special:
Everybody wants to be Rick James.
03/14/12 11:42 am
Everybody wants to be Rick James...   MORE >>
St. Patrick's Day Sale!
03/13/12 10:24 am
The Rick James webstore @BravadoUSA is having a 20% Sale celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Check it out
03/09/12 2:29 pm
VEVO's made it so much easier to watch Rick's videos. Yes! #NewVEVO

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