Album of the Day
04/29/13 5:39 pm
Oh, you wanted to listen to THE BOYS ARE BACK? Stone City Band rules.
Jam of the Day
04/26/13 1:54 pm
Jam of the day: "Can't Stop" reached #50 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week in 1985 and stayed on the chart for 8 weeks!
Sample of the Day
04/26/13 1:46 pm
The biggest artists in the world build on Rick James. Sample of the day: Jay-Z used "Moonchild" in "You're Only A Customer."
Quote of the Day
04/22/13 4:39 pm
"My music ain't no contrived bullshit. It ain't no sci-fi shit. It's the real fuckin' deal. Rick James  MORE >>
Come Get It
04/19/13 10:34 am
After only two months of recording, Rick's solo debut album Come Get It is released this week in 1978.
Rick James Memorial Funk Fest
04/10/13 2:29 pm
Don't miss the Rick James Memorial Funk Fest June 15 in San Manuel and June 16 in Compton! Naughty by Nature, William "Bootsy" Collins, Mary Jane Girls, the RICK JAMES' ORIGINAL STONE CITY BAND, and more are performing!  MORE >>
04/10/13 2:28 pm
A little something to get you through humpday...  MORE >>
Street Songs
04/08/13 3:41 pm
On April 7, 1981 Rick released his seminal record, STREET SONGS. Name three songs besides "U Can't Touch This" which samples a song from Street Songs. One person with the right answer will win a Rick James T-shirt.
This Week
03/29/13 6:13 pm
This Week in Rick James history: "Give It To Me Baby" shoots to #1 on Billboard's Hip Hop/R&B Singles chart.
03/27/13 3:35 pm
Each and every minute of my time...  MORE >>

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