Question of the Day
02/13/12 10:15 am
What is your favorite Rick James love song? We'll post a playlist tomorrow.
Photo of the Day
02/10/12 3:23 pm
Rick James and the Mary Jane Girls  MORE >>
Trivia Answer
02/08/12 5:10 pm
Answer to Monday's trivia question: The Spice Girls.
02/06/12 7:51 am
What modern day pop act did Rick James compare to the Mary Jane Girls, explaining that they were like the Mary Jane Girls, except that MJG had talent?
Happy Birthday!
02/01/12 12:34 pm
Happy Birthday to Rick James!   MORE >>
Get Ready...
01/31/12 5:38 pm
Rick James' birthday is coming up on Wednesday. Let's start celebrating!  MORE >>
01/25/12 4:17 pm
"I'm still James Johnson. Rick James is a stage name. James Johnson keeps Rick James on the ground... Kind of sort of." –Rick James
01/13/12 6:57 pm
For today's video, we're gonna go with Ol' Dirty Bastard's cover of "Cold Blooded." Funk it up!
Design Contest
01/12/12 2:05 pm
Design a T-Shirt for Rick James classic album Throwin' Down. Be inspired to create a T-Shirt design that brings the King of Punk Funk back to life... Click here!

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