Photo of the Day
10/22/12 2:27 pm
Does it get any cooler than this man? This was a Sunday comic in the Daily News, August, 1982.  MORE >>
Street Songs
10/17/12 2:42 pm
"You really got to get back to the funk." That's all I kept hearing, "You gotta get back to your roots, you gotta get back to where you were." - Rick James, on the inspiration for STREET SONGS. Read more about that influential album here:
Finish The Verse
10/15/12 7:05 pm
ell, alright you squares it's time we smoked, Get on up this funk and lets have a toke, It'll make you dance and some of everything, Everybody get high, sing  MORE >>
Funky Friday Flashback
10/12/12 4:19 pm
"Fire It Up" was released in October 1979. What's your favorite track?
Wax Poetics
10/10/12 3:38 pm
Check out Wax Poetics Issue 23 to read the cover feature on the making of Rick James's Street Songs:
South Park
10/08/12 4:00 pm
14 years ago, Rick James made a special guest appearance on the "Chef Aid" episode of South Park. He also contributed a song to the Chef Aid soundtrack titled, "Love Gravy" which you can listen to here...  MORE >>
Fun Flashback
10/05/12 2:22 pm
Rick James played "Love Gun" and "Fool On the Street" on The Midnight Special on October 5, 1979.
Quote of the Day
10/03/12 2:31 pm
"I had always been a free spirit, and always gotten what I wanted."
Funk Master
10/01/12 2:35 pm
Let's get real about Rick James: This man was a FUNK MASTER.

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