Throwin' Down - 30th Anniversary!
12/28/11 11:42 am
2012 marks the 30th Anniversary of the release of "Throwin' Down." Celebrate with us by designing a new Rick James t-shirt. Winner gets $500! Submit here:
12/14/11 4:35 pm
The answer to Monday's trivia question is..... Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles!
12/12/11 5:04 pm
To whom did Rick dedicate the song "Spacey Love"?
Trivia Answer
12/09/11 4:39 pm
Wednesday's photo of Rick is from the "Loosey's Rap" music video. Click here to watch!
12/07/11 5:02 pm
Which Rick James music video is this shot from?   MORE >>
Pop Trivia
12/05/11 4:04 pm
Check out RJ's Pop Trivia Collector Card! Do you have one of these?   MORE >>
Vintage RJ!
12/02/11 5:40 pm
The Mynah Birds performing at Chez Monique in Toronto, Ontario - December 1965.  MORE >>

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