09/07/12 3:05 pm
Read this review of WONDERFUL...  MORE >>
Vice Tells It Like It Is
09/05/12 8:23 pm
"I feel really bad for a lot of young kids, because most of them have no idea how amazing Rick James's music was. They think it's all about that Dave Chapelle skit. But Rick was a psycho funk-punk genius and Street Songs is one of the best records of its era (plus Rick used to be a in a band with Neil Young). Rick was such bad motherfucker, he could wear red patent leather knee-high heels on his album cover and still get crazy respect from super insecure hood dudes who'd slit your throat if they thought you were accusing them of being a butt-bumper. You couldn't punk Rick out because he just didn't give a fuck. So anytime I feel weird about wearing something that is a little out there, like this peculiar color-blocked Vibskov blazer, I just think of Rick in his make-up and skin-tight leather pants. If Rick could wear all that shit and still bang beaver, then I'm good to go."
Today in History
09/03/12 3:10 pm
On this date in 1985, Rick James files a 450 million dollar counter-lawsuit against K.C. Productions. Oh and Rick James is not "bald".  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
08/29/12 3:42 pm
Rick James at the piano...  MORE >>
Today in History
08/27/12 3:06 pm
On this day in 1984, Rick and the Stone City Band appeared on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert to perform a 4 song set. Do you know which songs?
Trivia Answer
08/24/12 6:23 pm
Answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: Come Get It peaked at #13 on the Billboard 200, and #3 on the R&B chart.
Rick James Trivia Quiz
08/22/12 6:21 pm
At what position did Rick James multi-platinum-selling Come Get It peak on the Billboard 200?
Video of the Day
08/20/12 3:34 pm
Check out Rick James and The Stone City Band perform "Fool on the Street."  MORE >>
Lyric of the Day
08/17/12 1:42 pm
"Goodbye Mama, Goodbye Papa, I'm going to do good in Hollywood" - Rick James, Hollywood

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