What is your favorite Rick James cover?
11/05/11 11:29 am
a) Jason Mraz - "Mary Jane"b) The Funk Mob - "Fire and Desire"c) Snoop Dogg - "You And I"d) Not on the list? Post you favorite cover below!
Funk in America
11/03/11 12:29 pm
Rick James tellin' it like it is Funk In America!
Happy Halloween!
10/31/11 4:02 pm
Anyone dressing up as Rick for Halloween this year???
Trivia Answer
10/28/11 3:08 pm
"Glee" didn't use an original Rick James song. They used MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," which features a sample of "Super Freak."
10/26/11 4:21 pm
How was Rick James' music used in the hit TV show "Glee"?
10/24/11 1:37 pm
Were you at this show!?  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
10/21/11 2:22 pm
"Well, Beethoven was a lunatic too." Rick James
Trivia Day
10/19/11 3:50 pm
Rick personally asked only one celebrity for their autograph. Who was it?

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